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The Club maintains a shop stocking many items of interest for sale to members.

Many of the items on sale are unique to the Buccaneer marque and examples are displayed below. Please refer to the handbook for a full listing

Full details of the current range, stock and prices are available from Alan Green at;  alan.greenboc@rocketmail.com

 If you wish to purchase a particular item, simply ‘phone Alan, (number in handbook) and ask him to bring the item(s) to a specific rally.

The following are typical of items that are available at rallies

6” Coloured Galleon Plate
£2 each
Beaker with Black Motif
£1.50 each
Log Book

50p each
Some items are available by post - simply ‘phone Alan and place your order and include £1-50 for postage and packing. Typically, these include:
Metal Car Badge

£3 each
Brown or Green Tie
£1 each
Buccaneer Decal

£2.50 each
Lapel Badges

75p each